Ring ring !

All right, all right, long time no blog :???:

Here goes a small pack of icons for mobile phones: Nokia 6300, 6680, N95 and Motorola V3i.


archive nokia-6300.tar.gz archive nokia-6680.tar.gz
archive nokia-n95.tar.gz  archive motorola-v3i.tar.gz
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Published by: Fred on October 7th, 2007 | Filed under Art, Free Software, Tango

14 Responses to “Ring ring !”

  1. Niklas Says:

    I love you icons, keep up the good work!

  2. Simon Pascal Klein Says:

    That’s rad dude. Awesome work; keep it up. :)

  3. Fred Says:

    Thanks guys !

  4. Jose Manuel Says:

    I think that you can see dia project at http://live.gnome.org/Dia and collaborate to the project with your very nice icons.

    Original dia icons are very … ugly. ;-)

  5. Fred Says:

    Yeah, I already thought about that !
    I’m thinking about a cool way to transfrom SVG’s into Dia’s format. I should probably start with what this guy’s done : http://www.jcartier.net/spip.php?article39 (sorry, french only… But the artwork, though not very “tangoish”, is really cool !). This script: http://www.softia-systems.net/contribs/dia_split_svg.py is supposed to split the SVG file into what’s used by Dia. If this works, I’ll send to Dia’s folks a few sheets of icons.

  6. Fred Says:

    Hummm, unfortunately Dia’s SVG support … well, I hate to say this, but … kinda sucks :(

    It seems that only a very few subset of the SVG standard is supported. This means that’s most (if not all) of Inkscape’s goodness is lost (shades, gradients, tranformations, transparencies, …). Until this is “fixed”, I believe we’ll be stuck with crappy looking shapes.
    This sucks because Free Software deeply needs alternatives to MS Visio and Dia *is* a good candidate !
    I’ll pull Dia’s sources from CVS. Hopefully things changed…

  7. Ken Says:

    Any chance you will add a Nokia E61 icon? Please!

  8. Fred Says:

    Ken: i’ll see what I can do ;)

  9. Dirk Says:

    Can these icons be freely used? I have written an open source application that allows you to send sms messages trough bluetooth. And would like to use one of these icons.


  10. Fred Says:

    Yes, these are free, of course! There’re released under GPLv2 (the licence is inside the svg metadata). There might be some pb with phonetooth, which is GPLv3 (if i’m correct). I guess I can re-release them under GPLv2+ or release a specific icon for phonetooth if necessary.

  11. Dirk Says:

    Phonetooth is GPLv2, so no problem :-)

    Thanks for the great icons.

  12. Fred Says:

    OK, my fault. I pulled phonetooth from svn, and since the COPYING file is actually a link to /usr/share/automake-1.10/COPYING, it was pointing on my filesystem to the GPLv3 preamble. Keep up your good work with phonetooth !

  13. Mark Says:

    Your icons are great! I’m curious if its possible to get permission to use one of them under a Creative Commons license. Is this possible, or are they derived from GPLv2 sources?

  14. Fred Says:

    Hi Mark, no problem at all. Please, go ahead !

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